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I'm Monica, a doctoral candidate in Developmental Psychology at UC Berkeley. At Berkeley, I am co-advised by Mahesh Srinivasan and Silvia Bunge and work jointly in the Language and Cognitive Development Lab and Building Blocks of Cognition Lab.

I grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and am a proud Milwaukee Public Schools grad. Thirteen years spent in racially and socioeconomically diverse schools deeply informed how I think about equity and education today, and led me to questions about the structure of schools and society that I haven't been able to stop asking since.

Before beginning my doctoral program at Berkeley, I attended Stanford University, and lived in Stanford's Ujamaa house. I completed an honors thesis under the guidance of Anne Fernald and Virginia Marchman, and then worked as an MRI research coordinator under the guidance of Ian Gotlib.

Photo of Monica (white, long brown hair) in a black turtleneck, with trees in the background.

Stanford University


Stanford University

MRI Research Coordinator

Stanford Neurodevelopment, Affect, and Psychopathology (SNAP) Lab

PI: Ian Gotlib

B.A. with Honors in Psychology

Language Learning Lab

Advisors: Anne Fernald, Virginia Marchman


UC Berkeley

Doctoral candidate

Language & Cognitive Development Lab

Building Blocks of Cognition Lab

Advisors: Mahesh Srinivasan, Silvia Bunge

Dissertation Committee: Mahesh Srinivasan, Silvia Bunge, Arianne Eason, Supreet Kaur


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